Black bass

The flies destroyer!

During the summer or at the end of the Carp season in-between the middle of September and November there’s another exciting fishing option we can offer… Fly Fishing for Black Bass.

As Portugal is renowned for its higher temperatures and unique climate this in-turn makes the Black Bass grow very large. These aggressive and acrobatic Predators can be found in many of the central and southern lakes.

Fishing streamer Flies for these Bass is very exciting however the surface fishing is something else!
With the use of surface poppers and other imitations it’s possible to catch these Fish as they take advantage of the natural abundance of Dragonflies flying over the waters surface and with no Carp present in the Black Bass lakes these Fish have become the number one Predator at the very top of the food chain!

We can find black bass in the same lakes where we fish for carp, and also is small private lakes used for the cattle and irrigation. In the big lakes we can walk the shore and cast to the structures. As we have more water, we need to walk more but we can have some surprises with the biggest basses. In smaller lakes, we can wade and cast between the vegetation where whe basses are ambushing their prey.

Small lakes

Lakes with vegetation where the basses hunt between the weeds. It’s a perfect fishing as we don’t need to cast too far. These small lakes may have the biggest basses.

surface and streamers

Depending on the weather conditions and bass activity we can use surface flies and also streamers. The streamers are more effective but the surface flies means explosive takes.


Latter summer and autumn mean dragonflies. When they move into the water for breeding the black bass go crazy. We see all day long bass jumping and catch them in the air.