Carp Flies

The flies are very important in carp fishing. 

There is some important tips for those who want to tie their own flies for the trip. Strong hooks are very important. For nymphs and small crayfish patterns we use traditional but strong hooks. For crazy charlie style patterns we use carp hooks in size #8 and #10. These hooks are short, very strong and great for hooking the fish. 

About the colors, we always use natural materials and natural colors as brown, olive, black and orange. Marabou, rabbit and other similar furs are the best we can use. We mix them all the time to get better collors but also different textures to be more efective in the water.

No flash/holographic materials are needed. Flashy flies seem strange to the carp too many times. If the presentation is good the fish will see them without using this kind of material.


Currently on the internet there are many patterns that can be used successfully. You just need to pay attention to our tips. But no problem, we have flies for you.

The fly weight

The weight is one of the keys for the success. If the fly is heavy it will make a noise touching the water and will also skink very fast. If the fly has no extra weight it will not sink to the fish.

The colors

We normaly use natural materials and natural colors. The carps normaly dont like shiny flies. So the prefer use colors like brown, olive, black and orange.