Artificial lakes

Artificial lakes are quite large, with many spots still under exploration and other unexplored.

We usually fish eight lakes offering the best conditions to practice this kind of fishing throughout the season. 

The variety of lakes, in addition to ensuring quality fishing, allows fishing every day in a different one. None of them are identical. Each one has its own characteristics; spots with larger carps in smaller number, and areas with smaller fish in greater number. Lakes and fishing spots will be chosen according to angler’s skills and preference, but we always recommended to start fishing areas with large number of small fish in order to train and adjust and subsequently, prior to attack large feeding carp.

Each lake is a different ecosystem. All the lakes changes through the season and the years. The weather and water level differences means new and challenging experiences for the anglers. But they have something in common, a large amount of carp that will provide you unforgettable moments.

Starter lakes

There are some lakes where only small carp are present. We use these lakes to allow the Angler to practice and learn techniques before we move onto the big fish lakes.

Intermediate lakes

In these lakes the average size of the carp is much bigger allowing the opportunity to experience a modest size fish and the battle that can be had. With every lakes comes new conditions and new adventures!

Big fish lakeS

The ultimate goal is to catch a huge wild carp and with all the practice learnt from the previous lakes… Here is the chance! These fish are smart and powerful… Can you outwit them!?