The Food

In the Alentejo region, it is well-known, the cuisine and the wines are a must. 

The reason is simple: delicious ingredients from Alentejo together with the wise hands of the people who have lived here for generations.

Due to the low economical resources of the people in the past, the tradicional Alentejo gastronomy becomes simple but imaginative, by mixing the seasonal ingredients available to create dishes with origins which are easy to recognise.

Alentejo tradicional cuisine has, as a base, the unavoidable pork, lamb and bread.

To the main ingredients, we add local herbs which grow wildly on the plains and near creeks or are cultivated on vegetable gardens and fields to simply harvest or use ancient techniques, for example, to produce Alentejo “gold”, olive oil . 

When you eat in Alentejo, you are almost certain to find these herbs and seasoning on your plate: coriander, mint, pennyroyal, oregano, olive oil, garlic, onion, bay/laurel, other aromatic herbs.

Black Pork

The black Iberian pork freely roam the countryside and eat acorns from cork and holm oak trees. Is one of the most celebrated ingredients in Alentejo cuisine, and the flavor is unforgettable.

Lamb Stue

The excellent quality of their meat, the freshness of the herbs used to season, and the patience of the skilled cooks tending large boiling pots over many hours is what really sets these dishes apart in a category all their own.

Bacalhau à Lagareiro

The classic Codfish in olive oil. The roasted cod served with Garlic, “tons” of Olive Oil alongside roasted potatoes. This is a dish from heaven! We have a similar dish but with octopus. You will have to try both to choose the best!