The Wine

Alentejo is a well-known, highly respected wine region in eastern Portugal.

The art of wine-making in the Alentejo was already well established when the Romans occupied the country’s vineyards, but it is only relatively recently that Alentejan wines have become widely recognized as some of the best in Europe.

This hot, dry area is best known for its red wines. These wines are typically made from Aragonez (Tempranillo), Castelao, Trincadeira or a rich, ripe, jammy blend of the three. Although famously diverse in its portfolio of wine grapes (navigating the many names and their synonyms is a challenge), Alentejo has not been sluggish to adopt such globally popular varieties as Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. One of the most remarkable things about modern Alentejo winemaking is its ability to create a uniquely Alentejano wine style from quintessentially French grape varieties.


Along the roads, during trips to the fishing areas, it is possible to appreciate some vineyards from which the Nectar of the Gods is produced.


September, is the traditional month for harvest in the Alentejo region. Is time to finally see the result of all the dedication of those involved.

Unique moments

The trip can only be completed after tasting the best wine, Enjoying the stunning views and living the best experiences here in Portugal!