The season

There are two ideal seasons for fishing this species.

The first is between May and July, three excellent months with warm and long days, in which carp can be found in large quantities along the vast shore lines at anytime of the day. The level of water in the lakes will depend largely on the amount of winter’s precipitation. If it has been abundant, you will find flooded vegetation along the shores. This vegetation will allow an easy approach but will also increase the difficulty in presenting the fly, Perhaps due to the excitement of being merely metres away from a large feeding carp! 

The other season is between September and October, As the days get shorter the water in turn slowly cools and so the activity from the smaller carp lessens meaning they’re not as present in large numbers. However, The bonus to this is the opportunity to find the bigger wild carp, Active and hunting in their need to consume large amounts of food for the winter ahead.

In relation to climate, Portugal has a Mediterranean climate and is one of the mildest European countries, with pleasant winters and warm summers with long sunny days. From June to November it rarely rains, especially in the south of Lisbon, where are located the best fishing spots. There the climate is slightly warmer and drier than in the north, which coupled with ground elevation, create a unique environment where wild carp behave this special way. Since the sun is strong most days, anglers need to cover sensitive skin areas from the sun. It’s mandatory to use clothes designed for tropical fishing, preferable with UV protection, for example thin and quick dry pants, long sleeve shirts and t-shirts, quality hat, gloves and microfiber sleeve to protect your face (ex: BUFF or Simms UV Headwear).


The fishing conditions in the Spring will depends on the rain amount. The landscape will be green, and possibly some weeds in the water. This is a after spawn moment, when the big and small carps start feeding actively.


In summer all changes, the dry and sunny weather make the carps very active. They are feeding in the shallows all day long. It’s important to be protected because we cannot play with the Portuguese sun.


The autumn is the end of the season. The days cool down a little bit, we can have some storms. But, is not unusual have September and October without rain. It’s a good moment to chase the big carps.