Carp flyfishing

Carp fly-fishing has evolved dramatically in recent years, and the growing number of enthusiasts going after this fish do it for a reason.

Wild carp’s behavior, in optimal conditions, offers a unique experience, for which you must be prepared. Anglers who already have fished for tropical species such as bonefish, will be surprised by the similarities, not only in how wild carp react to flies, but also with their feeding places and the stalking technique involved. In shallow water, carp turn into demons, Pushing you to the limit. Making you want to pull your hair out. This is not only because of their strength but also their predatory instinct and curiosity wheen the fly falls right in front of their nose

The fishing here is awesome. It is a very active style of fishing where the fly Angler must follow the contours of the bank both in and out the water. It is important to stay focused and stealthy because at anytime a mud cloud may appear, a tailing fish or the back of a hunting carp. Usually you will spot them in small groups searching for food in shallow waters.

The larger specimen may be alone while searching for food among rocks and submerged vegetation. It is common to see carps between 4kg and 10kg, but the most common size run between 2kg and 4kg.

The most exciting part in all this is the sheer amount of wild carp the Angler will cast too in one day alone. With the extensive experience gained during the last twelve years, the techniques and flies developed, you will have the opportunity to cast your fly to this fantastic species and enjoy moments of pure emotion.

100% Sight Fishing

All of the time it’s possible to watch the carp’s feeding in water few inches deep, sometimes with part of the body out of the water.

Exciting fishing

The angler has to follow the bank, inside or outside water, depending on the location, with extreme attention and in stealth mode.

100% Wild Carps

The carps on these big lakes are completely wild. They like to eat good stuff, so we need to have good flies to get their attention.